Crying Gen Zer struggles to find job with ‘stack’ of resumes as she wanders NYC: ‘Not what I expected’


A 26-year-old New York woman vented her frustration on social media when her attempts to go door-to-door in the hopes of finding a job were not what she expected.

Lohanny Santos, from Brooklyn, showed tears rolling down her face on TikTok after she says her failed job hunt gave her “the most humbled” reality check she’s ever felt in her young life.

Holding a “stack” of resumes in her hand on the streets of New York City, Santos felt embarrassed to be rejected in person after asking countless potential employers “Are you guys hiring?”

“It’s honestly a little bit embarrassing because I’m literally applying for, like, minimum-wage jobs,” she says. “And some of them are being like, ‘We’re not hiring’ and it’s like, ‘What?’ This is not what I expected.”

The Pace University alum boasted about how she speaks three languages, has two degrees, one in communications and a BFA in acting — but has no idea how she landed herself in the Big Apple fighting for a job.

“This sucks, like, I just want to be a TikToker if i’m being so for real but I can’t be delusional any more, I literally need to make money,” she says while wiping a tear from her eye. “Im just going to keep trying.”

Since uploading the video, which now has more than 23.1 million views, Santos received tons of support and job recommendations in the video’s comment section.

Lohanny Santos showed tears rolling down her face — venting to viewers on TikTok about how hard it is to find a job after countless failed attempts when asking employers for jobs.
Lohanny Santos vents to viewers on TikTok about how hard it is to find a job after countless failed attempts when asking
Lohanny Santos is seen wiping away tears from her eyes as she explains what her day has been like job hunting in person.
Lohanny Santos is seen wiping away tears from her eye, as she explains what her day was like job hunting

“Never feel embarrassed. You should feel proud that you’re pushing your pride to the side and being realistic,” a supporter wrote.

“Don’t ask if they’re hiring. Just say you want to apply & speak to a hiring manager. Be assertive 💖,” one viewer preached.

“This is precisely how you apply for jobs before the internet. nothing to be embarrassed about as this gives you real world sales experience,” another commenter replied.

Many viewers focused on Santos’ claim of speaking three languages, advising her to look for airport and school jobs because they hire bilingual speakers.

“3 languages?? be a translator or work in a language school!! its my dream job but I only speak english ahaha,” a person advised.


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