The easiest thing I did to get promoted quickly at Google and Meta was to 'eat the frog' for my boss

 Your career journey highlights the value of consistently excelling at your core responsibilities while also identifying and taking on tasks that your manager may find burdensome. By consistently performing at a high level and proactively addressing these less desirable tasks, you were able to build trust and credibility with your superiors, ultimately leading to rapid career progression and promotions at notable companies like Meta and Google.

Your "eat the frog" approach involves four essential steps: first, excelling in your primary role; second, identifying the tasks your manager dislikes; third, learning how to effectively carry out these tasks; and finally, executing these responsibilities with the same level of dedication and quality as your core duties. By implementing this framework, you were able to consistently exceed expectations and demonstrate your value within the organizations you worked for.

Furthermore, your proactive approach to improving efficiency by acquiring new skills, streamlining processes, and automating tasks not only improved your own productivity but also allowed you to take on additional responsibilities without compromising the quality of your work. This not only freed up time for new opportunities but also showcased your initiative and dedication to continuous improvement.

Your willingness to take on operational and less glamorous tasks, such as ongoing maintenance and backend data work, further solidified your reputation as a team player who is willing to step in where needed. This not only allowed you to contribute meaningfully to the overall success of your team but also set you apart as a reliable and versatile professional.

Overall, your strategic approach, dedication to excellence, and willingness to take on challenging responsibilities have not only advanced your own career but have also inspired and benefited others in their professional journeys. Your "eat the frog" methodology has proven to be a powerful way to build trust, credibility, and success in the workplace.  

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