How Gen Z and millennials want to work in 2024: ‘Lazy girl jobs,’ 'bare minimum Mondays' — and less Ramsey Solutions career coach revealed why career trends 'don't represent the entire population'

As the year 2024 begins, numerous workers are returning to their 9-to-5 jobs following the holiday break. Social media continues to highlight trends such as "quiet quitting," "lazy girl jobs," and "bare minimum Mondays," reflecting the reluctance of many Gen Z and millennial members to adhere to traditional employee standards. A "lazy girl job" refers to quietly quitting, while a "bare minimum Monday" denotes doing the minimum to get through the day. On "Fox & Friends," Ramsey Solutions host Ken Coleman discussed strategies for parents, managers, and employers to address this mindset in 2024.

He emphasized the need for mentoring and coaching employees, especially younger ones, rather than simply expecting them to adapt independently. Coleman also suggested that parents bear some responsibility for the lack of work ethic in their children. Additionally, he mentioned the potential for a four-day workweek, citing a study from London, England, which showed sustained employee productivity. However, he acknowledged the complexity of implementing such changes across different industries.

Coleman stressed that while these trends are prevalent on TikTok, they do not represent the entire generation. He highlighted that many individuals from Gen Z and millennials are hardworking and motivated to attain their desired job and career status. He also expressed understanding for the reluctance of the next generation to pursue the same nonstop work life witnessed in previous generations.  

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