A career coach explains how ChatGPT has helped her clients find jobs and become more productive at work


Evangelia Leclaire, a New York-based career coach with nearly 20 years of experience, has embraced AI technology, including ChatGPT, to assist her clients in navigating the evolving job market. She believes that the development of AI tools has been transformative for her role as a career coach and has become a focal point of discussion during her sessions. Since the launch of ChatGPT in November 2022, professionals have been speculating about the potential impacts of AI on the workforce, acknowledging both its potential to enhance productivity and job searches, as well as the challenges it may pose for certain roles.

In her capacity as a career coach, Leclaire provides specialized ChatGPT prompts for tasks such as résumé refinement, interview preparation, professional branding, networking, and salary negotiation research, illustrating how AI can be harnessed effectively during the job search process. She has observed that clients have successfully utilized ChatGPT to analyze job descriptions and tailor their applications to showcase their qualifications and value to prospective employers.

Furthermore, Leclaire has seen AI, particularly ChatGPT, contribute to improved workplace productivity for some of her clients. By identifying repetitive tasks and leveraging AI for data analysis, individuals have been able to free up time and focus on more strategic responsibilities. She has also encouraged clients to utilize AI for career advancement, such as enhancing their presence on professional platforms by crafting impactful content with ChatGPT.

Despite recognizing AI's potential to automate certain job functions, Leclaire actively helps her clients identify ways to continue adding value to their employers and explore supplementary income streams to reduce reliance on a single job. While she acknowledges the impact of AI on the workforce, she sees its integration, particularly ChatGPT, as a means to optimize her time and focus more on providing valuable coaching to her clients.  

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