42-year-old brings in more than $1 million a year from podcast and newsletter: It’s all about ‘quality and consistency’


In 2022, Lenny Rachitsky, creator of the successful newsletter "Lenny’s Newsletter" about product management, embarked on a new project: "Lenny’s Podcast." Despite his initial uncertainty about taking on another venture, the podcast quickly gained traction, and now yields over $500,000 annually, in addition to the newsletter's income. With a schedule of two podcast episodes per week and one newsletter post, Rachitsky emphasizes the key to success in such endeavors lies in maintaining consistently high-quality content.

Rachitsky attributes the success of his projects to the idea of solving people's problems effectively. He emphasizes that captivating an audience is contingent upon addressing their needs, whether it involves excelling in their careers, increasing earnings, or refining skills like cooking or parenting. By offering high-quality solutions to these problems, one can attract and retain an engaged audience.

Consistency is also pivotal, according to Rachitsky. He plans to uphold his commitment to a weekly newsletter post and twice-weekly podcast episodes. His decade-long experience as a product manager and engineer equips him with a wealth of topics to explore, ensuring a continuous flow of high-quality content. He also recognizes the abundance of fascinating individuals to interview, underscoring the endless opportunities for valuable conversations to share with his audience.

Overall, Rachitsky emphasizes the significance of consistently delivering high-quality content as the cornerstone of success in his projects.  

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