The future of work requires one critical skill. This is how to develop it

  Michelle King shares five key insights from her new book, How Work Works: The Subtle Science of Getting Ahead Without Losing Yourself. One of these insights is about the importance of mastering informal interactions in the workplace, highlighting the story of a businessman in Kyoto whose misunderstanding of subtle cues led to a missed business opportunity.

King emphasizes the significance of informal networks as crucial for career growth, highlighting that diverse networks lead to promotions and innovative problem-solving. She also stresses the need to close the "self-awareness gap" by understanding how one is perceived by others and the importance of soft skills in long-term job success.

In addition, King discusses the changing definition of career success, which goes beyond traditional measures like salary and title. She asserts that meaningful work comes from valuable connections with others and engaging in behaviors that support one's community. Ultimately, she stresses the importance of managing the meaning derived from work for overall life satisfaction.  

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