Prompt engineer is one of the hot jobs AI is creating


AI is predicted to impact employment, potentially leading to job losses in some industries. However, it is also creating new job opportunities. The application of AI is leading to an increase in AI-related job postings on various platforms. Conversations about AI on professional networking platforms like LinkedIn have spiked, indicating a rapid adoption of AI across different industries.

LinkedIn data shows a significant increase in mentions of terms such as "ChatGPT," "prompt engineering," "prompt crafting," and "generative artificial intelligence" on member profiles globally. The number of companies creating a "head of AI" position has more than tripled in the past five years. This growth in AI-related roles is evident from the emergence of new job titles such as prompt engineers.

Prompt engineers, a role focused on crafting questions and prose for AI chatbots to improve their responses, have gained prominence with several job openings and high salaries. Additionally, new roles such as AI ethics officers, chief AI officers, AI auditors, AI trainers, and machine managers are emerging as AI technology expands. The demand for machine learning engineers has increased, leading to a rise in average salaries for these positions.

In the US, there is a notable demand for both generative AI and machine learning expertise, with a significant number of job postings in these areas. Importantly, not all of these new roles require candidates to have a technical background, indicating a broadening of opportunities within the AI job market.  

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