3 Reasons To Thank Your Team Today — And How To Build A Culture Of Gratitude

As Thanksgiving approaches, many of us take time to reflect on the aspects of our lives for which we are grateful, such as family, friends, good health, and good fortune. Although this holiday has a complex history, it remains a powerful reminder of the significance of gratitude. This sentiment of gratitude is not confined to personal lives but also extends to the workplace, where appreciation has been found to significantly impact business success.

Research from Gallup and Workhuman has consistently shown that when employees feel valued and recognized, it positively affects business outcomes, including productivity, employee retention, and profitability. For example, a company with a strong culture of gratitude stands to gain about $92 million in increased productivity and save $16.1 million in improved employee retention and reduced turnover.

Moreover, studies have shown that appreciation in the workplace is highly motivating for employees, with growth opportunities and recognition being more motivating than salary raises for many. Additionally, a strong culture of recognition in companies leads to more engaged employees, resulting in higher overall productivity and satisfaction.

To cultivate appreciation in the workplace, leaders can start by simply saying "thank you," as 84% of employees express satisfaction with this basic form of recognition. Additionally, practicing both recognition and appreciation and leading by example can help establish a culture of gratitude within the organization. Creating opportunities for appreciation, building a culture of trust and connection, and reinforcing healthy recognition practices are also important steps to take.

At this time, with high levels of stress and burnout in the workplace, it's crucial to show team members that they are valued and reinforce positive recognition practices that will endure beyond the holiday season. While Thanksgiving serves as a timely reminder to express gratitude to our colleagues and organizations, appreciation has a lasting impact on the workforce throughout the year.  

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