The fastest-growing freelance jobs in the third quarter, as measured by data from, are mostly writing and marketing-related, with “copy typing” and “Microsoft Word” ranking as top two.

The company noted that the need for human creativity remains strong as artificial intelligence advances. Employers are once again seeking freelancers for support with creative writing and content writing projects, according to the report.

“Artificial intelligence is powering a boom in content creation, particularly focusing on writing, marketing, and video production skills,” Matt Barrie, CEO at, said in a press statement. “Generative AI is superskilling freelancers and their ability to produce extremely high-quality content faster than ever before.”

 Overall, the five fastest-growing freelancer skills on the platform in the third quarter compared to the second quarter were:

  1. Copy typing, up 28.7% to 8,213 jobs
  2. Word, up 24.8% to 5,485 jobs
  3. Search engine marketing, up 24.1% to 2,881 jobs
  4. Copywriting, up 23.8% to 10,817 jobs
  5. Ghostwriting, up 23.1% to 7,852 jobs also reported jobs with the fastest-falling demands, mostly computer programming jobs. The top five skills with falling demands in the third quarter were:

  1. Matlab and Mathematica, down 25.1% to 1,011 jobs
  2. AngularJS, down 23.5% to 1,318 jobs
  3. Django, down 23.4% to 932 jobs
  4. Algorithm, down 22.5% to 1,114 jobs
  5. Customer service, down 20.2% to 1,068 jobs

On a year-over-year basis, design, marketing, and video creation jobs led to growth in the third quarter.  The top five fastest-growing jobs year over year were:

  1. User interface / IA, up 101.9% to 3,607
  2. Search engine marketing, up 80.4% to 2,881
  3. Videography, up 77.1% to 4,809
  4. Microsoft Word, up 61.3% to 5,485
  5. Video production, up 58.1% to 7,071’s data for the Fast 50 Q3 2023 report comes from 277,000 jobs posted on its platform.

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