Lionsgate Brings Back Mask Mandates in Office As new variant EG.5 becomes dominant, the studio is asking some of its employees to mask up and self-test.


A Hollywood studio, Lionsgate, has implemented a mask mandate for its employees in response to the current wave of COVID cases. The studio sent an email to its staff in the Santa Monica office, requesting them to wear masks on specific floors after several employees contracted the virus. In addition, Lionsgate is urging its employees to conduct self-screening before coming to work. 

While this is a localized decision made by one studio, it reflects the ongoing discussion about the possibility of mask mandates returning due to the dominance of the EG.5 variant in the United States. The EG.5 variant has led to an increase in cases, as reported by the L.A. 

Public Health Twitter feed, and a 14% rise in national hospital admissions, according to the CDC's website. However, experts have stated that this variant, a descendant of omicron, is not expected to cause a major wave similar to the initial omicron outbreak. It is worth noting that the film industry had previously relaxed its COVID protocols in May, no longer requiring masks in most workplace settings.  

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