Job applicants are battling AI résumé filters with a hack

The practice of "white fronting" has gained renewed interest among job seekers, with social media influencers suggesting that it can help bypass AI bots and digital filters used in applicant tracking systems. The idea is to copy relevant keywords or the job description into a resume and change the font color to white. The hope is that AI bots will read the white text and surface the resume for human review while appearing normal to human reviewers.

However, employment experts caution against using this shortcut. While it may work to some extent with certain systems, it is not foolproof and can carry risks. Applicant tracking systems are widely used by recruiters, and many companies employ AI in their hiring processes. These technologies can speed up the screening process, but they also make it more challenging for candidates to stand out.

The effectiveness of white fronting depends on the specific system used by an employer. Some systems rely heavily on keyword matching, where white fronting may have a small impact. However, other systems analyze the entire resume and consider factors beyond keywords. In these cases, white fronting is likely to be ineffective, as the AI will assess the candidate's skills based on the listed job experiences.

It's important for job seekers to be aware that white fronting may not always stay hidden. Some applicant tracking systems input resume sections into fields that reveal the text, regardless of its color. Recruiters may also review resumes manually and could potentially uncover white-fonted text by selecting and highlighting the entire document.

Ultimately, while white fronting may increase the chances of a resume being seen by human reviewers, it does not guarantee success and may even harm one's chances if the resume itself lacks substance or fails to match the required qualifications. It's advisable for job seekers to focus on tailoring their resumes to the job description, including relevant experiences and skills, rather than relying on tricks like white fronting. Building a strong and honest resume, along with networking efforts, are more reliable strategies for success in the job market. 

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