A data analyst and tech TikTok creator listed her salaries for past jobs on her LinkedIn profile — but she doesn't recommend others do it

 Charlotte Chaze, an academic researcher-turned-data analyst and founder of Break Into Tech, recently added her salary information to each of her previous job listings on LinkedIn. From her $12 per hour wage in quality assurance to her $158,000 salary as a senior analytics manager at AT&T, Chaze provided a comprehensive insight into her career progression. While Chaze acknowledges that posting salary information may not be recommended for everyone, she believed that as her own employer, she had the freedom and responsibility to be transparent about her earnings. 

She emphasized that employers should take the lead in salary transparency. Research has shown that sharing salary information can help reduce wage gaps for women and people of color, and many states and cities in the US have implemented pay transparency laws. However, discussing salaries still remains taboo for many professionals. A LinkedIn survey revealed that a significant percentage of respondents, across different age groups, felt uncomfortable discussing their pay. 

When a Twitter user shared a screenshot of Chaze's updated LinkedIn profile, it sparked a conversation about the merits and drawbacks of salary transparency. Some praised her for taking a bold step, while others expressed concerns that previous salaries could influence future job offers. Chaze herself recognized this risk and advised against others following her example, especially when applying for new positions. 

Yet, she encouraged individuals to engage in more open conversations about pay with friends, family, and colleagues. By sharing this information, Chaze believed that everyone could benefit, gain awareness about salary possibilities, and advocate for fair compensation. 

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