Amazon’s return-to-office policy is hugely unpopular with employees, poll says


A recent survey conducted by Glassdoor's Fishbowl professional network sheds light on how Amazon's new return-to-office policy is causing an uproar among its workforce. Earlier this year, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy announced that employees would be required to work in an office for the majority of the time, which he defined as at least three days a week. 

Although Jassy cited the advantages of in-person collaboration, a large number of Amazon workers had grown accustomed to working from home during the pandemic. Despite employee protests and a walkout at the company's Seattle headquarters last month, Amazon went through with the new policy. 

A recent survey of 366 confirmed U.S. Amazon and Amazon Web Services employees found that a significant 78% of respondents did not support the company's return-to-office policy. In comparison, a survey of workers from other industries showed that 54% of respondents would not be comfortable with a hybrid work policy requiring one to three days in the office per week. It's important to note that the survey was conducted anonymously, but users had to submit an email to verify their employment. Fast Company has reached out to Amazon for comment. 

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