44 entry-level jobs that are seeing the most hiring growth right now, according to LinkedIn The latest hiring data from the jobs platform shows a number of promising fields for college graduates and non-graduates alike.

 Despite Big Tech companies laying off employees, job seekers looking for entry-level roles still have options, according to the latest hiring data from LinkedIn.

 Although hiring has decreased by 28.2% since last March, the drop from February to March was only 0.6%, the lowest in the past year. Entry-level hiring has decreased by 37% for jobs that don't require a college degree and 45% for jobs that do since last year. 

However, the declines are not shocking, as hiring was at record levels last year. 

LinkedIn's data shows that Product Management, Consulting, Purchasing, Human Resources, and Business Development are the industries with the most growth in entry-level jobs requiring a college degree. Consulting, Marketing, Research, Human Resources, and Media and Communications are the top-growing industries for entry-level jobs that don't require a college degree. 

Seattle, Houston, Hartford, Knoxville, and Dallas-Fort Worth are the regions with the fastest-growing entry-level job opportunities. 

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