Why the workplace is a common site of mass shootings


The recent shooting at a Kentucky bank is the latest incidence of workplace gun violence, which while relatively rare, has seen a rise in recent years. Many of these shootings are perpetuated by current or former employees who have grievances with their workplace, and who have easy access to firearms. Workplace shootings make up the most common location for mass shootings and may be on the rise due to several factors, including the increase in overall gun violence, the greater availability of guns due to relaxed policies, and the stresses caused by the pandemic. Research suggests that specific gun control policies, such as permit requirements, could help prevent mass shootings, as could workplace reporting of threats and threat assessment. Additionally, stringent gun regulations at a state level, including those pertaining to domestic violence and background checks, have been found to reduce workplace homicides.

Extreme risk protection orders, commonly known as "red flag" laws, have proven to be effective in preventing gun-related deaths. These laws allow family members and law enforcement to report individuals displaying concerning behavior, which enables the police to confiscate their firearms. In San Diego, over 1,000 restraining orders have been issued under the state's ERPO law, covering cases of threats made at workplaces and schools. While gun reform is not a viable option at the national or state level, some experts believe that companies and workplaces can take specific actions to promote gun safety. 

This includes having robust HR processes in place, training employees to identify warning signs, and establishing reporting mechanisms to ensure that people receive the help they need. By identifying past behaviors of individuals prone to violence, companies can prevent them from repeating violent acts. The effectiveness of these threat assessments can be difficult to evaluate as their primary aim is to prevent violence before it occurs. However, companies of all sizes can take proactive measures in the absence of government action.

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