I make around $14,000 a month ghostwriting on Fiverr and work around 5 hours a day. Here's how I landed gigs and built up a clientele.


As a ghostwriter, I specialize in memoirs, articles, books, speeches, white papers, and business plans. One of my favorite projects was writing a memoir for an executive who had served in the French military. It was like writing an adventure story. I'm passionate about writing and helping clients to achieve their goals. While I've always had a love for writing, I didn't know how to turn it into a freelancing career until I discovered Fiverr. I saved up some money, quit my unsatisfying job as a life insurance writer, and started freelancing full-time. Initially, I charged a very low rate and took on every job that came my way. As time went on, I raised my rates and became more selective about the projects I took on. These days, I charge up to $3,000 for every 10,000 words I write. 

One of the keys to my success has been delivering high-quality work that exceeds my client's expectations. Word of mouth has been my biggest form of marketing, as satisfied clients recommend me to their friends and colleagues. Ghostwriting has been particularly fulfilling, as it allows me to tell people's stories in a creative and engaging way. However, I'm mindful of the emotional toll that some stories can take on me, so I'm cautious about taking on projects that involve trauma. 

Flexibility is one of the biggest perks of freelancing. I can work from anywhere in the world and set my own hours. However, I'm careful to strike a healthy work-life balance so that I don't become overwhelmed or burnt out. I'm grateful for the opportunity to support my own writing projects while still earning a living as a freelancer. For me, flexibility equals freedom.

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