How to avoid ageism in hiring

 Khyati Sundaram, CEO of ethical hiring company Applied, emphasizes the importance of age diversity in the workplace despite the prevalent notion that tech startups favor youthful ambition. To avoid ageism in the hiring process and support older workers, companies can take several steps. First, they can diversify their talent pipeline by using multiple recruitment platforms, including Flexa, which lists flexible jobs. 

They can also offer apprenticeship schemes and training for successful candidates to attract those looking to switch careers or re-enter the workforce. Second, they can use inclusive language in job adverts, avoiding terms such as "energetic" and "fun," as these discourage older candidates from applying. Instead, they can focus on the skills required for the job rather than personality traits or previous experience. 

Third, companies can remove bias from the application process by making candidate applications anonymous and avoiding questions about career gaps or personal matters. They can also structure interviews to ask all candidates the same questions in the same order and use work sample questions to assess skills. 

Finally, companies can make their policies more inclusive, including offering flexible work arrangements, accessible workplaces, and adequate health and pension benefits for older workers.

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