53% of women say they’re lonely at work and it only gets worse the higher they climb. Here’s what can help


New research confirms that women in the workplace face a loneliness epidemic, with 53% of women reporting feelings of isolation. The problem becomes worse the higher they climb up the corporate ladder. The survey was conducted by TheLi.st, Berlin Cameron & Benenson Group, also reveals that senior-level women struggle to talk to anyone about their work, leading to burnout, stress, and feeling overwhelmed.

 The loneliness crisis is linked to mental and physical health issues, including depression, anxiety, and trouble sleeping. It’s also affecting the pipeline for women in leadership positions, with 53% reporting they’ve declined opportunities due to the negative impact it would have on their personal life. The loneliness epidemic is even worse for women of color, who suffer compounded isolation and a lack of respect. 

Experts recommend budgeting time to meet friends and colleagues for lunch or coffee, joining coworking spaces, and seeking support from community groups. Companies also need to provide better working conditions for women, especially those underrepresented in leadership positions.

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