These are the top side hustles people are researching as inflation soars—from paid surveys to virtual assisting


The rise in inflation has caused people around the world to struggle with the increasing cost of living. As a result, workers have started seeking alternative revenue streams to supplement their incomes. Fasthosts, a domain and hosting provider found through the Ahrefs keyword tool that around 24,000 people a month in the UK are searching for ways to make money online. They have listed the five most-searched-for side hustles, which include completing paid surveys, selling clothes online, making money on TikTok, selling feet pics, and becoming a virtual assistant. 

The search term for paid surveys, which offers the opportunity to fill out questionnaires from home, has seen a 50% increase in searches in the UK since December 2021. Selling clothes online has seen a 72% rise in searches while making money on TikTok has seen a 24% increase in searches. Selling feet pics has seen a significant rise of 96% in searches, while "how to become a virtual assistant" has seen a whopping 170% increase in searches, making it the highest searched-for side hustle in the past year.

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