Quitting my job as a flight attendant saved my dating life

 As a former flight attendant, I often relied on online dating to meet potential partners. However, I quickly discovered that my career seemed to attract many men who were more interested in the idea of a fling with a flight attendant rather than a serious relationship. It wasn't until I left the profession to pursue writing that I found more meaningful connections. Listing my job as a flight attendant on my dating profile led to an avalanche of corny pickup lines and inappropriate messages as if I was just a checkmark on someone's list of fantasies. While I appreciated the occasional genuine message, I was taken aback by the objectification I experienced. A former partner even asked if he could tell people he had slept with a flight attendant, which made me question his intentions and whether I was just fulfilling a preconceived fantasy rather than being seen as a person. Ultimately, it's clear to me that leaving that career behind was the best decision for my romantic relationships.

As a former flight attendant, I know firsthand that relationships with flight attendants can be a lot more challenging than most people assume. With my work on private jets and international routes, my schedule was always unpredictable and demanding. It wasn't uncommon for me to be out of the country for months at a time without any notice of my next destination or how long I'd be gone. This kind of schedule put a strain on my relationships and tested the trust of my partners. 

While I enjoyed socializing with other flight attendants or attending room parties with pilots and crew members, it wasn't always easy to balance my work and personal life. Most of the men I dated couldn't handle my schedule, but the ones who had similarly demanding careers like my ex who traveled for his army job understood. 

Even when I was home, I was often exhausted from jetlag and desperate for sleep. One time, I had to leave in the middle of a date because I got called in for a trip. The allure of dating a flight attendant quickly faded for many of my partners. However, the flight attendants I worked with were some of the most caring, well-traveled, and empathetic people I've ever met.

After leaving my career as a flight attendant and transitioning into writing, my dating life improved significantly. Men seemed to be more genuinely interested in me as a person rather than just my career. Instead of surface-level conversations about travel, I found myself engaging in deeper and more meaningful conversations. 

Since leaving flying, I've had more time to invest in my personal life and get to know people at a more relaxed pace. Overall, dating feels less chaotic, and I can finally be in it for the long haul without limitations.

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