A millennial whose employer gives paid period leave said it's improved her work life knowing she could take time off when the pain becomes unbearable

 Paulina Rutkowska, a 31-year-old product owner for GOG, a digital platform for video games and movies based in Warsaw, Poland, remembers a time when getting her period meant struggling to get through the workday. During her job as a photographer in college, she had to power through her symptoms, which were particularly difficult when she had to be on her feet. Now, working from home, she often works through sickness, including her period pain, as it's easier to complete her tasks at home. However, things changed when GOG announced last April that employees could take one day off per quarter for menstrual leave, with plans to expand the number going forward. Menstrual leave policies have been debated worldwide, with some saying they offer relief for pain and others arguing they make women targets for discrimination. Despite this, GOG has reported overwhelmingly positive feedback from its employees and has broken the taboo about discussing menstruation in the workplace. Rutkowska has only taken one day of menstrual leave since the policy was implemented, but knowing it's available has made it easier to work through her period.

A female employee at GOG has shared her positive experience of the company's menstrual leave policy. The policy allows for additional days off for those experiencing menstrual pain and has only been used by 16% of eligible employees throughout the year. The company stated that the policy acknowledges biological differences in the workplace and brings inclusiveness. The employee praised the ease and discretion of requesting menstrual leave, which requires simply filling out a form online, and not having to go through the traditional process of calling in sick or using PTO. She also mentioned that the policy has opened up conversations about routine health concerns at the company. GOG offers screening for breast and testicular cancer, indicating the company's objective to foster an open and supportive work environment.

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