Gen Z isn't ashamed of 'job-hopping' and will even quit unfulfilling jobs without a backup plan, study finds


Generation Z, the largest and most disruptive generation to date, does not carry the same concerns about job hopping as previous generations. According to a study by management consulting firm Oliver Wyman, 70% of Gen Zers who say they're loyal to their employers are either actively or passively seeking a new job. Gen Zers seek a sustainable work-life balance and are not afraid to jump ship without a backup plan if they don't find the perks they are looking for. They want jobs that include comprehensive healthcare coverage, mental health support, transparency, and flexibility. Employers looking to recruit and retain Gen Zers must be willing to allow job flexibility and demonstrate their support of diversity. Courtny Grover, a 26-year-old Gen Zer, initially hopped from job to job to find something she truly enjoyed. After trying recruitment, waitressing, and policing, she found her perfect fit with a PR firm and is now more satisfied with her work.

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