Worker shares ‘icks’ of working at a bank

 From nurses to servers, content creators from different professions have gone viral on TikTok for sharing their “icks,” or pet peeves, about the customers they encounter. This time, a former bank teller garnered attention when she revealed her personal customer “icks.”

In a video posted by user @mamas_bitchkake, she shares that one of her customers was an “18-year-old with $200,000 in their account.” @mamas_bitchkake adds she didn’t care how “they got it” or “if they worked hard” for it.

Her next grievance is when “old women” are “pissed off about something,” so they “sigh dramatically the entire time” she assists them.

“I’m not going to ask what’s wrong, Linda,” she says in the clip. “You can remain upset.”

@mamas_bitchkake continues that it gives her the “ick” when people would walk in and “just put their things” onto her desk. She says that people should “use their words” instead of “playing a guessing game” of “what are we going to do today.” 

Finally, she says she dislikes “having to tell every single customer about a mobile feature, no matter what they were doing, no matter what the feature was.” The feature “didn’t have to be relevant at all,” which would end up making both @mamas_bitchkake and the customer angry.

In a Twitter direct message to the Daily Dot, @mamas_bitchkake shared that she worked at a small bank in Arizona. She said she worked there for a year and ended up quitting because she wanted to “pursue a career outside of customer service” due to “burnout.” She adds the job wasn’t stable and that workers could “get fired at any moment for having an error that results in your drawer being short over a certain amount.”

“The situations in the video happened fairly frequently, probably all of those things happened in the span of a week at least once,” she wrote. “[But] I actually did enjoy most of my time working there as well as most of the customers, that’s just the type of humor I use on my account.”

The video racked up over 583,000 views by Dec. 21, with many viewers criticizing @mamas_bitchkake for the first “ick” because the customer may have inherited the money from a “deceased” relative.

“Don’t judge people for having money. It could be for example inheritance from deceased loved ones,” one viewer criticized.

“They might have that much money in their account due to a loved one passing and getting insurance benefits,” a second echoed.

Another viewer condemned the TikToker while sharing their story, “18-year-olds with hundreds of thousands is usually inherited. personally id rather have my dad back then his 500k life policy but that’s just myself.”

@mamas_bitchkake responded to the comment, apologizing, “Aw I’m sorry that happened to you. Y’all are the exception to that first part then cause that’s unfair.”

However, other icks resonated with many former bank tellers.

“I used to be a Lead Teller for Wells Fargo, I’m wheezing everything is sooo true!” one user wrote.

“‘I want to deposit this into my ChEcKiNgZZZZ’ when they want to cash a check or vice versa,” a second commented.

“The worst was when people would overdraft their account and then yell at me as if I was the one swiping their damn card,” a third said.

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