‘I was working 2 jobs for the price of 1’: Worker says old job had to hire 2 people to fill her position


Despite increasing efficiency owing to automation, Americans are still working harder than ever. 

“Not only are Americans working longer hours than at any time since statistics have been kept, but now they are also working longer than anyone else in the industrialized world,” writes Dean Schabner for ABC News. “And while workers in other countries have been seeing their hours cut back by legislation focused on preventing work from infringing on private life, Americans have been going in the other direction.”

These long hours and willingness to work mean that an American worker can take on two, three, or even four roles in their workplace without getting a raise or being notified of the new facets of their position. In some cases, they will even be offered a nominal “promotion” with no additional pay, a situation that career experts have dubbed a “lateral promotion.”

However, assigning so many roles to a single worker can be an issue for the company if the employee decides to quit.

TikTok user Lesly (@leslygram) can speak to this personally. In a video with over 1 million views, Lesly claims that her previous job said they could not give her a raise — yet they hired two people to replace her after she left.

“My old job had to hire two people to fill my old position. TWO. I was working two jobs for the price of one and not a single raise,” she writes in the text overlaying the video. “I am confused. They couldn’t pay me more but they could pay two SEPARATE people for the jobs that I did?”

“The math ain’t mathin,” she concludes.

In the caption, Lesly clarifies that she’s in good spirits about the situation but still felt the need to share.

“I am beyond grateful for every single job I’ve ever had… but that just ain’t right,” she wrote. “Anyway stay humble. God always provides.”

Commenters quickly chimed in to share their own similar stories.

“Same happened to me after I asked for help for years! Finally quit and they hired 2 people for my position,” one user claimed.

“My last job has 4 people doing my job now,” another wrote. “When I think of the stress I was under trying to keep up. So infuriating.”

“A friend of mine put in her two weeks and she had to train THREE people to take over all of the responsibilities she had,” a third shared.

“I asked for my job to split into 2, they said no,” another commenter recalled. “I left and they made it into 2 jobs.”

Many commenters showed their respect for Lesly for leaving such a work environment.

“They know your worth, they just hoped you didn’t,” one commenter stated. “Well done for getting out of there.”

“Anything to not give credit and compensation where it’s due,” a second added.

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