Three ways to capitalise on a diverse digital workforce


Embracing digital technology and capitalizing on a diverse digital workforce can be tricky to navigate. A free whitepaper published by HRD in partnership with Oxford Economics identified a set of capabilities every growing organization should have – many of which are driven by HR.

The whitepaper considers how businesses can build on inherent strengths by honing employee skills critical to success and profitability, embracing digital technologies, and capitalizing on a diverse digital workforce.

The digital world presents organizations with more new challenges than ever before, global competition, and technology-powered rivals. But the environment also creates a number of opportunities that should be embraced by leaders.

The whitepaper identified three critical imperatives for business leaders:

  • Embracing diversity and using it as a competitive advantage

Managing a diverse workforce is mandatory for leaders in a global business environment. Larger companies may have a head start on their smaller peers in this arena, as they often operate across a wider range of countries. Focusing on increasing employee satisfaction

Hiring, developing, and retaining top talent will be critical for SMB leaders as they face off with an ever-growing roster of competitors around the globe. The most satisfied employees work for companies where decisions are made quickly, complexity and bureaucracy are discouraged, competitive compensation and other benefits are widely available, leadership understands the value of diversity, and management is proficient in a broad range of areas

  • Creating a flatter, nimbler organization

Focus on reducing complexity and bureaucracy, and offer the latest technology trends to all employees.

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