The 3-Step Framework To Switch Out Your Office Job For a Remote Job

 In 2016, my boss wouldn’t let me work from home.

So, I decided to quit my job & find one that met my needs; remote work.

Here are 3-Steps I took to make quitting easier & get that elusive remote job.

Step 1: Financial Planning.

Create a savings plan & follow it until you’re ready to quit. This may seem risky, but instead, think of this as a calculated risk.


Figure out how much you spend per month on food, rent, & necessities (understand how much cash you’d need to live off) and start saving, cut back on all necessary expenses. Start saving enough of your income per month until you have 4-6 months of living expenses in cash.

When you’re ready, quit your job!

Doing this will mean you’ll:

  • Stress less about quitting and go ahead with what you want
  • Keep a clear head during what you think to be a scary time
  • & then eventually write better job applications, getting you the BEST job for you.

Step 2: Remember you can always get another nasty office job.

You’ll probably be scared of ‘failing’ & having to go back to the office.

Don’t. If you have to go back, go back.

And repeat step 1. Why?

Because it’s the ONLY way.

Rinse & repeat more than once if you need to.

Step 3: Get creative w/ job applications

After accomplishing steps 1 & 2, now it’s time to GET your new job.

For me that meant:

• Finding founders via LinkedIn

• Becoming internet friends (engaging with them often)

• Understanding their problems & how I could help

The reason this framework works so well is that everyone thinks it’s impossible.

But good things happen when you believe in yourself!

So, don’t fall into the trap of staying in a job you hate, because you think you aren’t good enough.

Know that you are & do this instead.

In summary, here is the 3-Step framework for switching out your office job for a remote job.

  • Step 1: Financial Planning
  • Step 2: Remember you can always get another nasty office job.
  • Step 3: Get creative w/ job applications

Are you ready?

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