Why are recruiters so adamant about getting you on a phone call?


Every recruiter that contacts me on LinkedIn is always trying to get me on a phone asap. Some clearly don’t even look at my resume and just want to do a call.

Idk if I’m paranoid or what but it just seems odd to me. Feels like they just want my number to spam me or sell to ad companies.

I figured I’d ask here since someone probably has a good answer as to why they want a phone call so bad.


JobAdvisor's Sarah S.

I've heard a couple things, and then there's some personal speculation:

  1. A candidate willing to do a phone is likely more serious about looking

  2. I've read some people claim recruiters may have internal quotas for the number of calls, resumes collected, etc. No idea how true this is, and I imagine it will vary by company.

  3. I honestly do believe some recruiters think they are skilled enough to "convince" you once they get you on a call. I've had people try to convince me to apply for jobs lower than what I said I was looking for, or positions that aren't the best fit. Some people have a hard time saying "no," so some of these recruiters may be relying on that. Tying it back to #2, getting a hire is obviously the goal, but perhaps just getting candidates to interview is another metric for some companies.

I've gotten a recruiter or two to respond to me on this subreddit and tell me how wrong I was before. But through it, all, make sure you are prioritizing what is important for you not someone else.

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