Mom at 54 is thinking about coding and a complete career shift. Thoughts?


Curious to hear your thoughts here. I'm an EM and have a lot of experience here in the field at this point but I haven't ever worked with anyone over the age of early 40s in engineering that was still ICs. I know ageism is a thing but I think times are changing slowly?

My mom is quite miserable in her current profession and is deeply unhappy. She actually has an engineering degree (not software) and has the mind for it. She still has energy and interest but can't deal with her career anymore (in healthcare)

Does anybody know of anyone in their 50s that became an engineer and how difficult it was to find a job?

She's not ready to retire and frankly doesn't have the savings to do so, either. I figured that if she can go to a Bootcamp and land a job and just make a very comfortable salary being remote, she'll be pretty happy for a long time.


I wouldn't suggest she try to switch to being a software developer, I think data analyst or business intelligence developer (generally SQL-based roles) within healthcare are easy enough to get into and require only minimal coding experience but still pay around the same as software at the entry-level. My company hires college grads ~73k

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