What Made Me Quit My Job


Hi, my followers and readers,

If you follow the previous articles I wrote about work and life, you will know that I was a translator working from home for three years. I love being a translator because it is a job where I can apply my knowledge from my degrees.

HOWEVER, last week, I decided to quit this job!

Working from home for a job that has flexible hours may be a dream job for many people, including me. Nevertheless, financial insecurity could be a key reason for someone like me, who is not rich and still needs to earn money for a living, to say goodbye to my safe zone job.

I was asked to stop working for a month because the company had financial trouble. It means the company cannot pay me my salary. Moreover, it was very short notice. I was informed of the company’s bad news and asked to pause working the same day. Even though, after negotiating, the company would make a loan to pay me, I already felt insecure.

Insecurity makes me quit my job.

I have a fixed expense to pay.

I have debts to take care of.

What if it happens again and the company cannot make a loan to help?

It should not have been short notice like this, to be honest.

Therefore, I decided to quit even though the company confirmed that I would be fine going onwards.
I already have a new job, which is not a working-from-home job.
It is a blessing in disguise because now I go out to meet people, meet new co-workers in person, make more money, and learn new skills.

Key message: Don’t bet your whole life on your job. You could be asked to stop working and stop being paid anytime. Please always have a backup plan because your company will survive comfortably without you. And remember one thing: “one door closes, and another one opens.” Don’t panic.

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