Why Despite Working 40+ Hours a Week, People Fail to Achieve Their Desired Success


In a life without hard work, you can’t achieve what you want.

Hard work and dedication are the only way to make your dreams come true.

But undoubtedly, many people work hard, and not everyone succeeds. People work in the fields where there is linear growth or do the jobs they hate to do and expect their hard work will make them rich.

Can an Uber driver get rich by driving his car for years every day for 12 hours a day, even without getting holidays?

He is working hard. Sure, driving needs concentration, focus, and attention. It’s not an easy job. But it won’t make him successful.

Use the Job You Hate to Do as a Stepping Stone

Many people are not privileged to choose their desired work to do and earn from it. Most of us belong to middle-class families with just one option to survive: doing the job they do not like to do.

But that shouldn’t stop us. We can use that obstacle as a stepping stone and save money or survive till we have enough to switch to doing the work we love to do.

But here, discipline, hunger, and enthusiasm are what will count. It depends on how much serious and sincere you are about switching to do the job you are passionate about doing.

After doing the job they hate to do, many people come home and think they need to relax because the day at the job was hectic. They do not understand that they are doing the job they hate to do. They have to build an escape plan. They have to prepare for escape in the off-hours. It’s not time to relax. The time to relax will come when they are doing the work they love to do from 9 to 5 and then come home.

Doing the job you do not like to do and coming home relaxing and enjoying ensures that you will always remain unhappy from your work.

Why? Because the pattern is obvious. You are doing nothing to escape from the job you dislike.

Utilizing off hours is the only choice you have got. That is the only opportunity you have. Do not miss it if you want freedom.

Just Get the Ant-Sized Work Done in the Field You Love To Be

In the end, life is all about how few regrets you hold inside you.

And the only way to reduce the regrets in life is to get the work done. Even a little sized. An ant-sized. A small step taken every day is more than enough.

Just keep the ball rolling. Keep your fingers floating on the keyboard if you want to be a writer.

Record vlog for one day. Edit it tomorrow. Publish it the day after tomorrow. Just gain the momentum if you want to be a content creator.

Just keep going. The idea is to avoid stagnancy. To not be glued in one place. To not be found by your friends as the same human being, in the same place, and never changing.

Every day you stand in the mirror, and you have to be able to say proudly that you are moving; you are not responsible for results, they are not completely in your hands, but the movement is in your hands.

And you are moving. However, less but you are making progress, not in the work you hate to do but in the work you love to do.

Because in the end, the hard work which is worthy and counts is what you do in the job or work you love to do.

Keep moving in the right direction; moving in the wrong direction is worse than stagnation.

Make sure you get little done but get it done in the right direction.

Hard work can go waste. You still can’t succeed despite working hard. Why? Because only working in the right direction will reap the desired rewards.

Make sure you work hard in the field of interest every day. Despite doing the job, you have to do for survival, avoid all excuses and take time for the work you love.

Because the hard work you do in the job you love to do is the hard work in the right direction, only that will give you the desired success and nothing else. Work hard but smartly.

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