Two “Hidden” High Paying Jobs (i.e. >200k/yr)


Medical Sonographers and Bureaucrat Directors

Since 2011, I’ve always had a job of some kind and since 2008, I’ve always wanted a job.

I did my first work experience week at Blacktown Local Court- helping with the filing and watching the judge on hearings. Two things I remember most about that experience. First, the pregnant woman who smuggled drugs into her husband’s jail cell, and second, the handsome attractive lawyer who told me “ You want to be rich? Go be a dentist.”

That was 2008.

Ever since 2008, I was aware that dentists, alongside doctors and lawyers, earn a “lot” of money. But funnily enough, I didn’t really research salaries and pay until I finished my first year of full-time work in 2017. I had a general awareness of course but was foggy about the numbers. I figured it was best to choose a path that I enjoyed/ felt challenged by rather than let the numbers decide for me. Now, of course, I am aware that if you are earning around 300k/yr in 2022 then it’s likely that you are doing “relatively” well (I use the word relatively because CEOs of major banks are earning 300k PER WEEK)

Now it is widely known professionals like doctors, dentists, lawyers, investment bankers, consultants, accountants, engineers, optometrists, vets, physiotherapists, etc. earn a decent pay package and the salaries could be well over 200k/yr depending on how high up you are in the food chain.

Below are the 2 jobs that I didn’t know had an earning potential of 300k/ yr until working/ talking to people. I use the word “hidden” because I have never seen these jobs being featured on career magazines/ Australian Financial Review/or any websites or job forums like Whirlpool.

Medical Sonographers

This one is probably the most surprising of all. Granted not all medical sonographers will be earning this salary, apparently (this is coming from a working Sydney radiographer- hearsay as per Johnny Depp’s legal trial perhaps?) the current ultrasound sonographer at Blacktown Hospital earns 300k/yr- similar to (or even more than) that of a doctor working in your local GP.

Bureaucrat Directors

This one is from working for first hand in the NSW Public Sector. Given that each agency is different, if you have successfully climbed up the career ladder to the position and title of “Director”, it is likely that your salary will be hitting the 200–300k/yr ballpark.

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