Remote / Hybrid Work Challenges demystified...

 I had been experimenting a lot recently during remote work setup mode on how to bring back the connection between the team members that we used to have pre-covid.

Sharing some of the experiments & outcomes which have been extremely helpful.

  1. Kudos: Sharing thanks to any colleague for any help / great work they have done that does not need approval and is something they can cherish forever. Many organisation has R&R processes but I wanted to have a very informative, intuitive and a fun way of acknowledging the great work someone in any team has done for anyone and I don’t have to wait for any R&R cycle to make this happen but rather an instant thanks on a global internal platform that can bring a smile to someone’s face as well as ensure company-wide recognition.
    The solution I thought of building is to share Thanks/Kudos ( similar to LinkedIn Kudos ) to their profile making Kudos as a profile attribute where all the Kudos will be attached forever to the recipient profile in the HR database & all this with a flavour of animation and gamification that resulted in many people coming on the platform saying thanks and acknowledging the great work their colleague they had done going above & beyond of their BAU work. Much more to it though…
  2. Virtual Meetups: I have been fond of Virtual Reality since 2016 when I used to present demos on VR in multiple events like SAP DKom / SAP Presales, so I thought of buying my Oculus Quest2 recently.
    The solution around this kicked off when I started experimenting with the Horizon Workrooms which I found to be very effective in terms of building that connection with your colleague but this comes with a challenge that everybody might not want to spend $XXX on a device to achieve this objective. Fortunately, I had folks in my organization who had Oculus and I started having my discussions with them which proved to be quite engaging and virtually realistic since in that world we can forget about our errands like what’s happening in our background over the communication channel like zoom/meet/etc. and experience the feeling that the other person is sitting along with you in the room.

I also have some more experiments in this metaverse space, which I will be sharing once I progress there. I know we are slowly moving back to normal but in most cases, we will be executing the Hybrid working mode where any solution in such a space could be really fun and interesting going forward.

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