Asked for a raise and manager called to tell me I’m unreliable

 Stuck my neck out and asked for a salary raise, with reasoning and data to prove it. Do you know what happened? My manager (who has the day off) called me to give me a random task and casually sled in “heard about your email, I’m just going to let you know you aren’t very reliable so we will be talking about that”

Lol, fuck this.

Edit for context: My reliability was an issue once when initially hired (I was on new meds and it messed with my sleep). I made her and the rest of the management aware of my adjustments in medications and of my sleep apnea. There hasn’t been any mention of my reliability since—nothing but praise for how “quick and efficient” I am.

Also, for another point of reference two weeks ago I asked if it would be possible for me to work from home as my car had broken down and was unable to come into the office—she told me to get on the bus and gave me the schedule and drop off locations. Keep in mind I work in tech—my whole job is remote.

JobAdvisor's Sarah:

Ok, a couple things: How exactly did you go about asking for this raise? You sent an email to who?

Also, you mentioned your reliability was an issue once, when you were initially hired, but don't bother to tell us when that exactly was. That could have been last month for all we know. How long have you ever been working there? You've given us no helpful timeline.

Also, if your car breaks down, you still have to get to your job. That's not your employer's problem. Literally, every adult has to deal with this. You mention asking if you could work from home. For how long, is the rest of your employment? Are other employees required to come in and you'd get to stay home because you can't get to work? There are plenty of valid reasons why your employer could deny this request.

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