Should I be feeling bad that most days I don’t work for all 8 hours?

 I am mid-way through my first year as a full-time software engineer. I am getting paid above average but I often feel horrible and feel like I should be fired because sometimes I go a full week without doing anything work-related.

Sometimes I’m given assignments but they’re so small that I could finish by working 4-5 hours every 2 weeks.

Or sometimes I’m given a big assignment but delayed into the next sprint because IT couldn’t give me access/finish unblocking a ticket on time which causes me to wait and do nothing work-related.

So most days I’m just chilling. Should I be asking for more work or is this normal in this field?

Side-note: Obviously this is not something I should be complaining about. I know it’s a privilege to be in my position. I just can’t shake the guilt.


As long as you're finishing your work on time and your manager is happy with your performance you're fine. You don't have to be working a full 40 hours. Your coworkers probably aren't either.

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