More People Should Use Twitter To Earn Money


It doesn’t matter if you’re a new or existing creator. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had your skin in the game for a decade.

Twitter helped me build my business, build products, and create a brand.

And it’s been less than a year of being active on the platform.

But more than that, it connected me to people. People who’ve become friends, who I share my personal life with, some have helped me brainstorm to help me at work, and a virtual community to hang with.

Here’s how you can make money on Twitter using exactly what I did.

What’s in It for You?

Here’s how you’d benefit from using Twitter. And no, Twitter hasn’t paid me for it (hit me up if you can get that done though).

People are vocal about what they feel. Real-time conversations are happening, discussing problems and experiences.

This helps you find a problem that you can work to solve.

If not, good content helps you learn and churn more ideas or just brainstorm with others. A win-win, right?

This is exactly how my one tweet led to me creating a course and how my freebie reached so many people is not as much time.

Alone, you’ll do well. But together, it’ll be a ball!

Let’s be honest, being a solopreneur can be lonely. Twitter has helped me find people I vibe with.

I’m in a warm group of people who are like a virtual family and help lift each other.

No, it’s not a paid engagement group. It’s genuine.

It helps you build your personal brand without much effort.

You share value, knowledge, the things you like — all of this is already constructing your online persona.

Use This Framework To Do It

Follow these steps to get started.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to do all of them at once, but start one by one to get going.

Your time is important. Whether you’re a full-time or a side-hustle creator, preserve your time and energy. It’s easier to be creative when you’re rested.

Schedule your tweets either by Twitter’s inbuilt tool (which is sub-average) or a tool like Hypefury.

I know, sounds crazy to pay to just schedule, right? But when you see how much time it saves you AND the quality of tweets that you end up putting out, it’s worth it.

For me, it’s been an investment because tweeting helped me create products and services and market them via a tool, and I made over 70x the money that I spent on a scheduler. So big ROI right there.

I’ve written about Hypefury a few times since I purchased it five months ago because it’s completely changed my Twitter game. Also, for the time I don’t know what to write, there are hundreds of templates and ‘inspiration’ tweets that give me ideas.

Scheduling helps you maintain the momentum with the algorithm and improves your visibility.

Follow three people you like.

Look at the comments under their tweets and follow them. This way, you’ll see a network of people under the same niche and your feed will even show you who they engage with.

Engage with them. Observe their behaviors, problems (they’re so vocal about it on Twitter), and if you can solve them.

If you can, that's when you create a freebie. That’s where the money lies.

The internet is a world of exaggeration.

Businesses name big companies they worked with, even if they only helped them with a tiny thing. You can’t blame them, it’s just how the world is right now.

Use your schedular to keep publishing at regular intervals. This way, you publish even when you’re sleeping, so a part of the world is always exposed to your content.

Use it to even hype up your freebie.

  • Have a countdown before your launch
  • Pre-launch Hype
  • Launch Hype

Hype up everything. Hell, I’ve even automated DMs to deliver my freebie. Else I’d have had to DM over 1000 people!

You should consider automating DMs if:

  • You have a freebie
  • You’re looking to build an email list

It’s the reason I’m able to make my freebie reach thousands in a few months. Because I don’t have to take care of anything, software does. Technology is amazing, isn’t it? Especially when it helps you save so much time!

Observe a problem in a community, fix it, charge for the solution

Now, if you’ve done all this, here are ways you can make money. This is all that I’ve personally done and seen results in.

  • Create a freebie on Gumroad with a ‘pay what you want model (yes, some people will pay).
  • Build a mailing list from your freebies, then sell a product.
  • Build your personal brand online, and people will reach out to you to help them. Charge for your consulting.
  • I built an entire course via ONE tweet, so the potential is endless really.

Observe a problem in a community, fix it, charge for the solution — that’s money made. Also, I’ve used Gumroad to create all my products like freebies, ebooks, consulting page, and a cohort-based course. Try it out.


By doing the above things, you’d have a ball rolling in the field.

You’re creating content, learning from others, being a part of a community (and even creating one), serving your audience, and making money.

If you do this, it should take under 6 months of consistency to see results.

Don’t be like me. I learned this nearly a year after side hustling. Get to it right away because I see this has a huge potential.

Click here to grab your free Side Hustler Checklist.

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