What options do I have as a teacher?


I just can’t be a teacher anymore

I’m sorry, I’m new to this sub. I’m sure I’m not the first teacher to post here but I genuinely am seeking advice through discussion with y’all.

I live in Cleveland. Been a teacher for 7 years now and after 7 whole years, I’ve worked my way up to a grand 45k a year.

I can’t afford to live here. I love Cleveland and it’s one of the cheapest larger cities in the US yet I’m barely getting by. For the 2 years I’ve lived here I barely spend any money on “wants”. I buy necessities, take care of my pet, and spend money on socializing (which admittedly isn’t necessarily cheap) but that’s the whole reason I moved here.

I just can’t do it anymore. I need more money. I love my job and I’m not even one of those people stressed from it. I’m extremely patient and stress-free. But I just need. More. Money.

I consider myself a very capable person. I’m very intelligent, I’m a great critical thinker, I have great problem-solving skills, I’m very creative, and I'm very sociable and can work with/get along with anyone.

I feel like there has to be something out there but I'm not sure what route to take. Is there a corporate job field that I can kind of BS my way into as I learn the ropes and work my way up? Should I go back to school for something while I teach? I really just don’t care anymore I just want money.

I'm pretty open. I don’t wanna do manual labor cause I’ve seen how that wears people down. I wouldn’t mind an office job as long as I'm not working more than 40 hours a week. I’d love to work from home. I seriously don’t care anymore about finding a passion-related job. Just pay me.

Sorry if this post doesn’t belong here. Figured it was worth a shot. Thank you!


Sorry to hear this. I wish we paid educators more.

Look into roles with titles like "account manager" "account coordinator" "project manager" etc. I work at a marketing agency and we're always hiring for these positions, with several former teachers doing the work. The only requirements usually are a bachelor's degree and good interpersonal/organization/technology skills.

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