“If you have any free time it should be spent working for us, because we pay you a salary.” Ok, then I quit.


Got called by HR one day after someone there noticed I work on weekends doing gigs totally unrelated to my normal job. The normal job office is open M-F only. After I told HR I wouldn’t stop bc it’s outside of office hours and not a conflict of interest (it’s not even close to the same field), an executive called me and said what’s in the title after explaining to me I was salaried exempt. I asked what could I be doing if the office is closed, he said I could spend time helping make the company better. Come up with new strategies or develop training for other departments. After expressing my shock at this and arguing for a few minutes, I told him I quit.

Sent my letter of resignation to HR right after I hung up with the exec. They tried to convince me to stay. When that didn’t work they explained to me how I could never find another employer that would pay me the same.

Only took me a few weeks to find a new job. I make less in total now, but if you break it down to effective hourly I make much more per hour. You no longer need to work 60+ hour weeks with a maniac CEO who gives out daily fire drills and expects you to drop everything to get something done for him. Have more time with my family. Less stress. In the end, I’m glad this happened.

Fuck that old place.

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