Work From Home Or Anywhere: Top 30 Companies For Remote Jobs In 2022


Even before the pandemic uprooted everything in 2020, more and more people had been ditching the 9-5 to work remotely and travel the world. But in 2020, only 5% of remote jobs could be done from anywhere. Fast forward to 2022 and it’s a whole new world, where remote working is not only a dream, it’s a reality.

According to FlexJobs—the longtime leader in helping job seekers find remote, work-from-home, hybrid and flexible jobs—fully remote work has scaled up significantly over the last three years, and compared to pre-pandemic, remote work policies are way more common. “As we look ahead, the expected growth rate of full-time remote work over the next five years has more than doubled from 30% to 65%, which could give job seekers plenty of opportunities to work remotely,” says Brie Weiler Reynolds, career services manager at FlexJobs and

And here’s the other good news: The remote job opportunities are getting better. “Job listings themselves are reflecting more variety in titles and career levels, further signaling that companies are committed to hiring remote workers for the long-term,” says Reynolds.

To help job seekers, FlexJobs has released a new list of the top 30 companies with the most work-from-anywhere-in-the-world remote job listings. The list has based on the companies that posted the most remote, work-from-anywhere jobs on the FlexJobs site between January 1, 2021, and December 31, 2021. In order to make the list, the companies must offer remote jobs with zero location restrictions and zero time in the office.

This year’s 30 companies all had a high volume of work-from-anywhere jobs with zero location restrictions. “We were also surprised to see the healthy mix of industries, including computer, IT, education, training, marketing, accounting, and finance, as well as the selection of popular job titles like business development manager, copywriter, front-end developer, marketing manager, product manager, social media manager, and web designer, to name a few.”

And in case you’re thinking that all these positions must be freelance, think again: Most of the work-from-anywhere remote jobs on the FlexJobs site are full-time staff jobs with benefits and other traditional work perks.

On the top of the FlexJobs list is Wikimedia Foundation, which operates and supports some of the world’s largest reference projects. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, the company is made up of more than 500 contractors and staff, working in fields such as business development, computer, IT, editing, entertainment, media, and software development, among others. 

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Below you’ll find the top 30 companies on the FlexJobs survey, ranked in order from highest to lowest for the volume of work-from-anywhere job listings.

1. Wikimedia Foundation: a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering the growth, development, and distribution of free, multilingual content

2. Achieve Test Prep: an academic support organization that offers test preparation and consulting services to the college-bound demographic

3. Coalition Technologies: a web design and digital marketing agency that helps clients meet their online business needs

4. Chainlink Labs: an internet company on a mission to reinvent what makes a trustworthy agreement by developing smart contracts

5. a search company that helps people explore and analyze data

6. Cactus Communications: a communication solutions provider specializing in academia and pharmaceutical and device companies

7. Hopin: an online events platform where people can attend live events to connect, interact and learn

8. Toptal: a labor marketplace that connects freelancers with startup organizations and companies in Silicon Valley and beyond

9. Automattic: a web-development company that considers remote work an essential aspect of its business model

10. SelfDecode: a biotechnology startup offering software tools and personalized health reports

11. ModSquad: a company that modernizes digital engagement outsourcing services for global brands

12. Deel: a financial services company that has developed a payroll system for remote teams, connecting localized payments and compliance in the convenience of one platform

13. an online company that brings tuition-free college to the community

14. Kraken: a Bitcoin exchange app

15. Protocol Labs: a software company that creates systems and tools to address technical web challenges and optimize the user experience

16. GitLab: an open-source platform for code collaboration that helps users move from idea to produce more quickly

17. DreamView Inc.: a media production company creating photorealistic 3D CGI representations of products, along with virtual, art-directed lifestyle environments to showcase them in

18. Chili Piper: an Internet-focused company that helps businesses help their buyers

19. GitHub: an open-source code-hosting website, publishing service, and social networking site for programmers

20. Mango Languages: a company that provides people all over the world with a wide variety of language learning capabilities

21. Quora: a Q&A platform that was created to share and grow the world’s knowledge

22. Canonical: a company that offers a variety of services to help organizations become more efficient in their operations while reducing overall costs

23. InVision: a company that has developed a design collaboration platform used by product managers, designers, marketers, and others

24. Superside: a company on a mission to deliver design at scale to enterprise teams

25. Cambridge Proofreading & Editing: a leading provider of proofreading and editing services for customers around the world

26. LATOKEN: a financial services company that works in cryptocurrency exchange

27. a Paris-based startup building an idea-to-cloud application platform

28. Venga Global: a company that provides integrated translation and localization services to help clients reach new markets more quickly

29. Andela: an IT engineering firm that provides companies with extended teams recruited from the African continent

30. Sourcegraph: a large-scale code-source engine and intelligence tool

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