What to do when boss said the day I give my two week notice will be my last day at the company?


My boss randomly told me not to worry about a two-week notice because that would be my last day.

He is the CEO/owner of the small business I work for. He’s always saying crazy shit like that for no reason.

Needless to say, this place is a toxic waste dump. I only started 10 months ago in my first job post-college.

I’ve recently started looking for something else, and I’m wondering if what he said gives me a license to quit on the spot?

Like, I don’t want to have a start date somewhere else and be fired for turning in my notice and be without 2 weeks' pay. On the other hand, I know a two-week notice is a right thing to do (assuming the owner was bluffing, I honestly don’t know), especially for my coworkers who will have to pick up the slack.



Wait two days before your new start date and give him notice. No two weeks are needed. Quote him in your departure letter. I know you said not to worry about two-week notice. Malicious compliance all the way in this one.

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