Should’ve negotiated a higher salary. I took the first offer.

 I managed to get a job! My last job let me go right when the pandemic was starting. Close to damn near two years of unemployment. So this was a big win for me. Depression blows. On Friday they offered me the job my employers sent over the benefits package for review over the weekend. $85k salary +amazing benefits. Monday we reconnect and I told my rep that I accept the offer with 85k + benefits. She asked me twice if that was all I had. I said nope! Happy to start! Never accept the first offer…. I should’ve asked for $95k in hopes of getting at least 90k. But nope I didn’t negotiate. I feel dumb. She probably thinks I’m dumb. Maybe I just felt guilty for a job and didn’t want to appear ungrateful for the opportunity. Signed the contract. Sigh a $5k extra would’ve been helpful. Well. I feel dumb. And I’m pretty sure HR is pleased.

How do you all initiate negotiation? What’s your opening line when countering??


Don't feel dumb. It's a normal psychological reflex.

I mean, I'm sure you'd be happier if they offered 75k and then you negotiated it to 80k ;)

Don't forget that if you "playback" your initial thoughts when you got the offer, they'll sound like "omg I'm finally getting a job after 2 years, I must not blow this, I'll accept it."

This safe play is completely understandable, well especially if it's 85k and with good benefits.

Now if you want even a 100k, then don't fall in the comfort zone and keep looking for another job, because also you'll have negotiation levers to push.

Congrats OP!

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