Saw my Job position opened on google 3 days ago, am I getting fired soon?


A little bit of background, I'm a 2020 graduate, and I've been working as a Marketing Manager for 4 months so far as my first career.

The hiring process was simple, and I was led to think that they were going to train me and help me advance my career in this field. Work is very simple and nothing was challenging, but I am literally their only marketing hire, and there was zero training. I had to learn things on my own. I'm not actually a marketing graduate though so I have zero experience in marketing, and the company knows this. Yet I have not been underperforming either.

Although I have two degrees, one in cs and the other in digital media, I am unable to find better work so I settled for this one. ( I am unable to move to a high tech area for work, and my family is holding me back because they would not let me move out of the house so I'm stuck in a more rural area where there isn't a lot of tech work for me)

My coworker sent me a screenshot of my company looking for people in the same exact position that was posted just 3 days ago. Please advise, I already started looking for another job but it's really hard to find one anywhere close to where I am. I don't have enough experience to be hired for remote work either.


I think it's more likely they're hiring a second person and just used the same job posting as last time.

Are you doing the work of a manager (so managing people maybe) or are you doing more individual work as an associate but you oversee a lot of marketing which is why it’s called a manager role? Is it possible they’re expanding your team and want someone with more experience to manage you and one other person? Without knowing the structure of your company (how they define job titles or how big it is) it’s difficult to tell. If you have zero experience, it could just be that they’ve really given you the wrong title, I’ve been in a place where that’s happened, my team just did not align to the rest of the company so people seemed higher/lower than the level they actually were. These two jobs could actually be one that’s an associate and one that is a higher manager position that you’d report into.

The best thing to do is probably to ask your manager. Don’t ask if you’re getting fired, just say someone sent you those job adverts, and you’d like to know if the team is expanding. If they confirm it then ask about the new team structure, so will they be on your level or will you be reporting to someone new.

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