Anyone else still burnt out, even after vacation?


I was feeling overwhelmed at work and took off for a week. I just got back into the office today and I’m just as overwhelmed. All of the things I needed to do before my break still need to be done.

I thought a week off would help me feel re-energized, but it didn’t. Does anyone else feel this way?


In my previous company, I had burnout and worst I didn't notice the symptoms. At that time I wanted to leave the company (toxic environment) and went for several interviews but I didn't realize that the burnouts are killing my mind and of course, I didn't do well in my interviews. At that time I decided that I will only leave once I got a new job.

The following are the signs I was extremely exhausted. a) During my lunchtime, or other time I will go to the emergency staircase and lie down to rest. this happened when I have massive headaches due to the work. One day the building manager opened the door and was shocked to see a body lying there.

b) Had trouble sleeping at night. Having relationship problems at home (the exhaustion lower my EQ for some reason and my mind snapped easily)

c) I went to the dental and after the session, my dentist asked me if I have fallen asleep (while opening my mouth for 10 or 15 minutes). I also had this issue when I have my hair cut.

d) blood pressure shot up during this period.

e) In One of the zoom interviews I had, my wife noticed I spaced out for ten minutes. She told me after the interview. of course, she didn't know my work situation and asked why there was a period of silence for ten minutes. it was at this point I realise, I can't stay anymore and I am exhausted.

I resigned a week later. feel so much better when I gave HR the letter. And in the same week, I got a better job, a better boss, better health (blood pressure back to normal now).

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