Alcohol at work, or no?

 #DowningGate sounds better than #PartyGate if you ask me. But seeing as no one asked me…

More to the point, alcohol isn’t a problem until it is a problem. (Of course, this is in the context of everyday life and doesn’t apply to DUI which is both a felony and reckless behavior).

No one really cares if you had a glass of wine to accompany your meal during a lunch date in between work hours.

Trouble starts from slurred speech, incoherence, missteps, and on to outright uncontrollable behavior.

And because different people have varying tolerance thresholds for alcohol and exhibit different behaviors — from unacceptable to disruptive — under the influence, a zero-tolerance for alcohol at work (#RemoteGang, read “during regular work hours”) may be the safest bet.

“How much is too much” may be an impossible question to answer because, like they say, ‘to each his own.

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