How to Create a Green Team at Work?

 Are you looking for effective ways to create a workplace a little greener? If yes, then your search ends here. In this blog, I will tell you how you can make your business operations more Eco-friendly. So, let’s get started.

What is a green team?

A green team is a group of employees dedicated to creating a stronger sustainable culture in the workplace. They are actively engaged in finding creative solutions to produce products with minimal use of energy.

With the help of employees who are passionate about environmental issues, you can make your green team more effective and stronger.

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Here’s how you can create a green team at work.

Create a group.

To begin the green team campaign, you need to seek out for the people who are inspired to make a change because of sustainability, right?

Start your process by collecting the names of employees who have expressed interest in the subject of sustainability.

It would be helpful if you choose a highly responsible employee from the executive staff that makes it easier for you to access the management team directly.

There is no restriction when it comes to the size of the team. But, ideally, it won’t be more than 12 members. If you increase the team members’ numbers, the different opinions will make your process difficult.

That’s why a small team is better!

Apart from executive staff members, it is good to welcome other staff members like having one person from business development, human resource, operations, manufacturing, and so on. It would be good if you seek out for the volunteers who support sustainability.

Keep in mind include only team members who are passionate about green living because the team works best when members support the mission passionately.

Establish Commitments and Meeting Times.

Once you create a green team, it’s time to arrange the first meeting.
In the first meeting, share your goals with your team and ask their opinions.

Keep in mind; if you want to lead this team in the long term, you have to consider the team members’ opinions. Because they only work for you if you consider their solutions. Don’t let this team like a sales team. Make it natural; do the tasks in favor of the environment.

There should be a strong sense of consistency and commitment from the member sides. So, it is advisable to include only members who are passionate about this campaign.

Your team should meet on a daily/ weekly/monthly basis. And most importantly, to boost the enthusiasm of the team members throw a reward ceremony every year for them.

Asses your company set goals and get creative.

In the first meeting, you should discuss where your company is currently standing in terms of being sustainable.
Before setting goals, it is important to identify where your company stands and the improvement areas.

Once you get a clear picture of your company position in terms of sustainability, then set goals. To make a company green, your goals must be centered around recycling programs, reducing carbon footprints, an energy-saving program, and exploring the numerous ways to engage your team in sustainability.

Other important things you can include in your goals-

Ban the use of plastic in the workplace.
Promote climate awareness via blogs, newsletters, and articles.
Reduce the use of paper in the office.
Use biodegradable coffee mugs.
Host a green living event every month in the company.
Go for planting trees every Friday with your employees.
Manufacture durable products.
Use recyclable material for manufacturing products that your company sells.

Create Protocols.

In the first meeting, assign roles and responsibilities to the members. And don’t forget to ask whether they fit for an assigned role or not. Also, set a schedule for how many times in a month you will meet with your members. Perhaps, you can also get in touch with your team via email regularly.

Celebrate your accomplishments!

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When you see, you have accomplished your goals, without thinking much, announce a winning party. It rejoices not only your members but also the Earth, after all, sustainability is the only medicine that can cure the earth’s problems.

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