Ex-race car driver finding more success in porn

 Renee Gracie has gone from revving car engines to jump-starting her many fans.

The former motorsport racer is now a porn star and has taken to Instagram to show off her new Kim Kardashian-styled posterior.

The Australian, 25, spent $8,000 Aussie bucks on the surgery Kardashian also went through.

According to TMZ, the “Brazilian Butt Lift” involves doctors taking fat from the stomach and implanting it into the butt — while liposuction is also done on the abdomen, thighs, and back.

Gracie says she was making about $70,000 U.S. on snaps and videos from her Only Fans account, but as more of a household name now, her earnings have soared to “half a million in the month of June.”

She said it feels great to be celebrated by her fans after previously being slammed as a racer for her appearance and weight.

And she told the Aussie Daily Telegraph she might even return to racing one day.

But could she fit into a car with that new butt?

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