Career planning in the time of coronavirus

How to turn a career crisis into a career opportunity.

Right now many of us are experiencing a lot of change, whole industries are on ice right now, while others have had to pivot fast. We are fast on track to record unemployment and with a recession nipping at our heels, plenty of career plans and dreams might be feeling a little crushed right now.
But are there opportunities in the ashes of the first half of 2020? And what might "work" look like in the future?
Kate Richardson was a high flying marketing executive who has worked in high profile organizations including the Sydney Opera House, Network TEN, NAKED communications before hitting her very own career crisis a few years ago. Kate then pulled the plug on both her career trajectory and her home town when she decided to move cities and pursue a completely different career as an executive career coach and career mentor.
Kate shares her tips on how to take a career crisis and turn it into a career opportunity.
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