Are you making one of these fatal job search mistakes?

If you are in the midst of a job search, be forewarned, there are dozens of pitfalls, but all of them can be avoided.
Unfortunately, many career seekers don't take the time to correct the common errors that easily creep into resumes, cover letters, search strategies, networking methods, and their own mental soundness. Taking a bit of time and making an effort to recognize and eliminate these negative factors can undo plenty of damage rather quickly. Nor is there a need to spend a fortune on the endeavor. Most of the fixes are DIY techniques mixed with a small dose of professional, outside assistance. Here are the five major traps people fall into when looking for work, along with the suggested solutions.

Using an Outdated or Unedited Resume

One of the most popular reasons for a job hunt going bad is a faulty resume. Keep in mind that there are just two key ways in which candidates fall short in this area, which are using outdated resumes or not correcting common errors in ones that are otherwise current. Spending a modest amount of money on a professional resume writer's services is the answer. In about an hour or less, a pro can polish up your document, update it, and render it error-free.

Failing to Deal with Anxiety

Many HR professionals note that interviewers are unduly anxious and obviously stress out from weeks of searching for employment. One way around this type of situation-based stress is medical marijuana. In places like Schenectady, NY, you can simply apply online for a medical marijuana card from the comfort of home, office, or coffee shop. Using NuggMD or similar service providers, all you need to do is log on, fill out a short application, and keep an eye on your mailbox for a couple of days.

Not Networking

For all sorts of reasons, people believe that looking for work is, or should be, a solitary task. On the contrary, the more help you enlist, the better the results. Failing to network can mean lost opportunities and missed chances to snag the position of your dreams. As soon as you begin your quest, create a list of names labeled "my search network." As you meet others along the way, in career centers, libraries, and social functions, add them to the list is there's even a slight chance they can support your goal.

Ignoring Interview Preparation

Learning how to prep for an interview is the icing on the cake of job hunting. Don't let this one small cog in the machinery kill your chance of landing the big one. What can you do? Visit a career counselor and ask for help. In the meantime, take advantage of the multiple, free video training sessions online to brush up on the skills that can turn your half-hour in the interview chair into an offer.

Not Conducting a Thorough Search

Generally speaking, too many candidates fall down when it comes to the basic search. Those early stages of the process should consist of identifying companies and people who can offer you direct help with obtaining a paying position. Research the companies and work up a list of at least 25 places where you could envision yourself working.