With technological advancement, the IT job market is continually evolving. The pace of change is exponentially faster. According to industry experts, artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics will take over the most repetitive jobs. The tasks that involve genuine creativity, such as developing a new business strategy, are more likely to stay. Therefore, identify the ones that look sustainable. In this article at The Enterprisers Project, David F Carr highlights some of the IT career sectors that will flourish and fade in the coming years.

The Future of IT Career

Quality Assurance Engineers

The role of quality assurance engineers as a dedicated discipline is shrinking. With the introduction of agile and DevOps for testing and coding, traditional quality assurance processes for software testing are gradually fading. “Purse a career in robotic process automation, which uses similar skills to test automation,” says David.

Project Managers

The role of the project manager will gradually fade away in the years to come. The project management tools are automatically creating project reports, including the key performance indicators (KPIs). Further, the AI systems are even helping in selecting the right employee for each task based on the competence levels and past performance. Today, project management is more of a team activity rather than a distinct discipline run by a traditional project manager.

Cybersecurity Professionals

There is no business sector that is not attacked by cybercriminals. Cyberattacks are becoming more prevalent and harmful. Therefore, the demand for cybersecurity talent is on the rise. Skills required for information security job roles include incident handling and response, firewall/IPS skills, intrusion detection, analytics and intelligence, application security development, cloud computing/virtualization, and advance malware prevention.

Data Scientists and Data Engineers

Data Scientists and Data Engineers are the fastest-growing job titles. It is data scientists who create and maintain pipelines and databases for storing and transforming data. The companies need a person who comprehends the theory as well as the practice. Further, the enterprises expect data scientists and engineers to translate science into business growth.
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