The highest-paying in-demand tech skill, according to Indeed—it can pay over $150,000 a year

The dawn of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the workplace is well and truly upon us. As indicated by a [Deloitte survey]( conducted in January 2024, approximately 45% of high-ranking executives are actively implementing AI training and upskilling for their teams. Moreover, 44% of them are in the process of recruiting AI talent. It's unsurprising, therefore, that generative AI ranks first among the most profitable tech skills, as per a [recent report]( by the job search engine Indeed. Jobs that demand generative AI expertise offer a salary that's 47% greater on average, as discovered by Indeed.

The attractiveness of AI and its related skills is quite evident," observes Maggie Hulce, Executive Vice President and General Manager at the job seeker division of Indeed. The data reaffirms this: searches on Indeed for positions demanding generative AI have increased by a staggering 4000% over the past year, while job postings for such roles have risen by a remarkable 306% since September 2022. 

High-level tech roles such as machine learning engineer — who develops computer programs to solve complex issues — and software engineer are highly desirable positions that require generative AI proficiency. The average salary potential for a job that incorporates generative AI stands at $174,727. 

In addition to these expert roles, some employers may be searching for individuals proficient in using generative AI tools such as ChatGPT and Microsoft Copilot to streamline administrative tasks. For instance, Fiverr experts offering image creation services using the generative AI tool Midjourney can charge up to $300 per project. 

For those keen on enhancing their generative AI skills or starting from scratch, numerous avenues are available. Enrolling in online courses, attending AI bootcamps or bespoke AI development training programs are all effective approaches, according to Hulce. These resources provide hands-on experience and can fit into busy schedules. Major colleges, universities, and companies like [Google]( and [Udemy]( offer such courses. 

"If you're keen on upskilling while working for your current employer, consider utilizing resources they offer or enquire about possible upskilling opportunities," advises Hulce. Furthermore, engaging with your professional network can also be beneficial. Your colleagues and peers can frequently serve as an invaluable resource, opening up new avenues to discover tools, training, and opportunities to upskill.  

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