US workplaces implement unconventional recruitment methods as they try to find the best hires

Recruiters and business owners are becoming more creative in their efforts to select the best candidates for job positions. In addition to evaluating skills and qualifications, these employers are now focusing on assessing a candidate's fit with the company's corporate culture. They are using unconventional communication methods, conducting personality assessments, and trying innovative ways to gauge job talents before making a job offer. This article explores how American companies are digging deeper to find the right employees through ingenuity. If you're currently seeking new job opportunities, keep an eye out for these innovative screening methods as well.  

Social media outreaches

Recruiters may reach out and connect with prospective hires on social media. 

"One simple tactic I always try when I'm evaluating candidates is to connect with them on social media," Ann Martin, director of operations of CreditDonkey, who is based in Pasadena, California, told FOX Business. 

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Today, as they seek to fill job openings, some recruiters and business owners are turning to innovative ways to determine whether potential candidates are not only the best fit for an open position — but also if the candidate will mesh well with the (Getty Images / Getty Images)

"If they turn down my request, especially on more personal platforms like Instagram, it's not necessarily a red flag; it can certainly be a good life strategy to keep your work and home life separate." 

Sometimes they do agree to connect on social media, she said. 

"If they do accept my requests, this demonstrates eagerness for the job as well as a certain amount of extraversion," said Martin. 

"It also, obviously, gives me the chance to review their post history to get a better sense of who they are and what they're about."

Email and text messages

Michelle Volberg, CEO of Giledan Search in Greenwich, Connecticut, said that as a recruiter, she tries to match candidates with the hiring companies based on the applicants' reaction to unconventional reach-outs. 

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"We will send emails and texts during off hours to see how the candidate responds or doesn't respond — and match accordingly," said one recruiter. (iStock / iStock)

"Hiring managers often have different philosophies on working after hours — some want it, others vehemently do not," Volberg told FOX Business. 

"We will send emails and texts during off hours to see how the candidate responds or doesn't respond — and match accordingly."

Personality assessments 

Collen Clark, an attorney and founder of Schmidt & Clark, LLP, who is based in Dallas, Texas, and is involved in the employment process for the firm, said that the appropriate applicant to join a team is about more than just the person's particular skills listed on a resume.

"It's also about [the candidates'] personality, work ethic, and general fit within our organization," Clark explained. 

To make the best hiring selections, he said personality tests are often used to help determine if the individual's personality will fit into the company’s dynamics. 

"Personality tests are also used to learn about a candidate's [personal] traits, communication style and work preferences," he said. 

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"While innovative methods are vital, I always ensure a thorough background check, diving deeper into [the candidates'] past roles and seeking honest feedback," said one business owner.  (iStock / iStock)

"These tests can be quite useful in identifying individuals that share our firm's culture and values."

Pre-hire assignments 

Dr. Mollie Newton, a veterinarian in Columbus, Ohio, who runs, a platform that provides reliable medical information related to pet care, said small assignments can assess the applicant’s skillset. 

"For promising candidates, I provide a small, realistic task related to their role," she said. 

"This isn't just about the outcome. It's about observing their approach, dedication and how they handle feedback."

Repeat screenings

Newton said she incorporates the mantra "trust but verify."

"While innovative methods are vital, I always ensure a thorough background check, diving deeper into [the candidates'] past roles and seeking honest feedback," she said.

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